SpainTelco – Vodafone, Spain

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  1. George
    October 5, 2011 at 11:17 pm — Reply

    Dea Sir
    You cannot imagine the fustation you company cause with the system of the dongle for my laptop , everytime I spend 25 euros to recharge , i have never been shown how much I have actualy used a box on the left says aproximate useage ??? well I cant go into your shop and say hee is aroximately 25 euros and give you 20 CAN I ?. your company refuses to send me the sms text you communicate in spanish I speak english but limited spanish , but it seems you dont want to try to make it easy , just like the rest of the systems in this country , you take our money and tell us to piss of , well after this rechage runs out , pobably beforre my paid for 1 gig has elapsed and been used , I will take my money elsewhere .

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