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mms.iot.com, mms.iot1.com – InterOP Technologies, USA

mms.iot.com, mms.iot1.com - InterOP Technologies, USA

mms.iot.com, mms.iot1.com - InterOP Technologies, USA

Don’t be confused if you received an SMS code and asked you to retrieve your MMS at either http://mms.iot.com or http://mms.iot1.com. The common URL should be something like http://mms.iot1.com/YOURTELCO/mms-view.php

It is because your telecommunication provider subscribe the service to InterOP Technologies. They are not a telco, but just a provider.

A little insight about InterOP Technologies:

Interop Technologies delivers robust technology solutions for messaging, device management, and connectivity gateways. The world leader in building reliable, scalable solutions for telecommunications companies, Interop powers SMS, MMS, short code, mobile Internet access, and device management services delivered to millions of wireless customers every day. Interop Technologies is the only company with flexible hosted and turnkey deployments that reduce costs in a tough economy. It’s also the only provider enabling operators to migrate easily from hosted to turnkey as their business needs evolve—without changing technologies and risking service disruption.

Company such as Bluegrass Cellular which has a coverage in Central Kentucky, USA also using InterOP Technologies service. It is accessible at http://mms.iot1.com/bluegrass/mms-view.php

The multimedia message volume is growing steadily. Interop Technologies offers the world’s most scalable MMSC to help operators to capture revenue from this popular service.

Customers can capture forums and combine them with text, audio, images, videos and animations to create personalized messages. The Interop MMSC supports all audio and video formats and 3GPP/3GPP2 MMS-capable phones. This high performance technology solution provides all the capabilities to expand the supply MMS today and tomorrow, and a reliability of “five-nines”.

The Interop MMSC implementations available in Hosted, Hosted and Turnkey Amended and these last two options can be customized.

By combining the WAP Gateway with the MMSC achieved a complete media solutions group.

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