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If you’re looking for the MMS setting and configuration for Alltel, refer to the following:

Sevice Name: ALLTEL
Server Name:
Web Session Name: ALLTEL_MMS

WebSession Info (MultiMedia Messaging)

WebSession Name: ALLTEL_MMS
Homepage: (leave blank)
User ID: (leave blank)
Password: (leave blank)
Gateway IP 1:
Gateway 1:
Service Type 1: HTTP
Port 1: 8080
E2E Port 1: 9201
LXL Port: 0

Gateway IP 2:
Gateway 2: (leave blank)
Service Type 2: (leave blank)
Port 2: 0
E2E Port 2: 0
LXL Port 2: 0

WebSession Info (WAP)

WebSession Name: ALLTEL 2.0
Homepage: proxy:homepage
User ID: customer MIN (actually need to write this number in)
Password: phones ESN # (can be found under your battery)
Gateway IP 1:
Gateway 1:
Service Type 1: HTTP
Port 1: 80
E2E Port 1: 8080
LXLPort 1: 443

Gateway IP 2:
Gateway 2:
Service Type 2: HTTP
Port 2: 80
E2E Port 2: 8080
LXL Port 2: 443

Quote from Wikipedia:

Alltel is a cellphone and internet provider primarily based in the Southern United States. It was, until its acquisition by Verizon Wireless, the fifth largest wireless telecommunications company in the United States with 14.7 million customers, as of the fourth quarter 2008, behind Verizon, AT&T Mobility, Sprint, and T-Mobile.

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