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If you can see the above login and password to retrieve your MMS from Orange, you’re in a correct place. ¬†However, if you failed, visit the following link:

The best MMS configuration / settings for MMS Mobile Orange

– APN: orangemms
– Connection type: Continuous
– Bearer: GPRS
– IP Address: 172,022,188,025
– Authentication: Normal
– Type of validation: Normal
– Username: orange
– Password: orange
– Port: 8080 or 9021

Below is the FAQ about MMS on Orange:

1. How do I activate the service and how much?

If you buy your mobile multimedia, you can send and receive mms with no problems, because it is configured properly for this. No need to activate anything.

If you are already our customer, but now have a mobile multimedia, you may need to activate the service. To do so follow these steps:

Send-“activating” the 2228 and receive a welcome message to the service.

-We recommend you turn off your mobile and you turn it on again after a few minutes for activation to take effect

2. Who can I send a multimedia message?

You can send multimedia messages (MMS) to any user of any national mobile operator and email addresses.

3. Why can not I send or receive messages?

Probably need to activate the MMS service on your mobile

4. I paid to see the MMS that I receive?

It is free territory. Only costs money to send multimedia messages, not receiving.

5. Can I choose when I want to download an MMS?

Yes, you can download the MMS received at the time of receipt or later. But to do this, you will need to modify the parameters of the menu options on your mobile. Then only receive a notice of receipt of an MMS you will have to confirm. Only costs money to send multimedia messages, not receiving.

6. What if I can download an MMS?

The mobile displays an error message until the network problem is solved. The MMS will only be charged once fully downloaded.

7. I have full memory of the mobile what can I do?

If the memory of your mobile is saturated, you can not download MMS messages that you send your friends. When you receive an error message because memory is full, you can make room by deleting messages or take advantage of the multimedia album.

8. How do I create a MMS?

-Make sure you have activated the MMS service.

-Turn the camera on your mobile and shoot.

-Send your photo with or without a message to another mobile or an email address.

9. How can I determine the size of an MMS?

Depends on the model of your mobile See the instructions for the phone to know. Generally, the size appears in the corner of the message received.

10. How can I configure the mobile to download the MMS automatically?

Select the “Settings” or “adjustments” to your phone, find the parameter related to unloading of incoming MMS and choose the option of voluntary discharge. In the “auto load” menu messages>> MMS>> options, select “manual”. S55: In the “reception” of the Messages menu>> settings>> MMS, select “Off.”

11. How then can retrieve the MMS?

MMS is not downloaded with a special envelope (dotted or highlighted, depending on the model) in the MMS inbox. To download, simply need to select it and press YES to begin downloading. The MMS has a shelf life in the multimedia messaging center, to expire, the MMS is not available and the download will fail. It is recommended to delete the notification.

12. Do you have a service charge for the person who sends me a message

if I am out of Spain, in roaming?

No. The cost of sending MMS is the same as if the recipient is in the network of Amena. However, it has an additional cost to the recipient.

13. What if I am abroad and have not activated the Roaming service?

In this case, you can not receive or send MMS. It is essential to activate the phone abroad.

14. What if I have activated the roaming service but

Orange GPRS does not have agreements with any operator in the country?

In this case it is not possible to use MMS services. When I send an MMS, will receive the notification but downloading will not take place. Sending MMS is not possible.

15. Is it possible to disable the receiving of MMS abroad?

No. It is not possible.

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