- Libero, Italy
ItalyTelco – Libero, Italy

Please be informed that when you access, you will be directed to To view your multimedia message MMS enter your phone number along with the code you received in the SMS message notification. But remember you can view your MMS only once. Enter your mobile number: Enter the …

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SingaporeTelco – Singtel, Singapore

You must be very excited when you receive something like this on your mobile phone. “You’ve got a MMS from 65 9*** ****. View your MMS at on the web using the password ******* within 48 hours.” Tell me who don’t feel excited when your friends share something nice …

TelcoUnited Kingdom – 3, United Kingdom

You must typed-in the correct URL of Do not enter the shortcut,, because you will get a “page not found” error. Quoted from Wikipedia: 3 is a brand name under which several UMTS based mobile phone networks are operated in Australia, Austria, Denmark, Hong Kong and Macau, Indonesia, …

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SpainTelco – Vodafone, Spain

Do you have a difficulties to view your received/sent MMS? Refer to the instruction below. Most importantly, you have to put your mobile number and your password to view the content. Welcome to This service allows you to view multimedia messages (MMS) that have been sent to you. For …

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TelcoUnited States – Cellcom, USA

Don’t make yourself confused. This is not Cellcom Israel. They share the same name in common. Cellcom is the largest locally-owned and operated communications services provider in Wisconsin. It has been offering wireless service since 1987. Cellcom is a subsidiary of Nsight. If you’re one of the Cellcom customer in USA, please enter …

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AlgeriaTelco – Djezzy, Algeria

Welcome Djezzy MMS This service allows users with no phone compatible MMS (Multimedia Message Service) to receive multimedia messages. To do this, simply indicate below your mobile number and the code in the SMS sent to you when your phone is not compatible or is not configured MMS. You must …

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TelcoVenezuela – Movilnet, Venezuela

If you’re looking for a MMS setting and configuration, refer below: Web (Basic function of your browser and connection to the data network): APN: (login and pasword blank) MMS Settings: APN: IP and DNS: none Use proxy: yes: Proxy Address: 192,168,016,012; Port Number: 8080 The multimedia server address …

New ZealandTelco – Telstra, New Zealand

Updates: August 2013 If you’re one of the Telstra subscriber, when you want to retrieve your MMS at, you will be forwarded to In order to view your video and pictures MMS, you have to enter your credentials, which are ID and access code.

RomaniaTelco – Vodafone, Romania

If you accessing, you’ll be welcomed with: This service allows you to view multimedia messages (MMS) that have been sent to you. For every message you receive, you can reply with your own multimedia message, or forward it to someone else. Multimedia Messages can be sent by people with …

MexicoTelco – Telcel, Mexico

In order for you to be able to send MMS messages from Telcel, the person you are trying to send a message to, needs to have the service activated. Not all users have the service. In fact, users of Paid as you go or Amigo are not entitled to do …